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Insurance Cover and Workplace Health and Safety


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1 – Public Liability Certificate of Currency
2 – Community Underwriting Policy Schedule
3 – Community Underwriting Not For Profit General Liability Policy Wording
4 – Community Underwriting Not For Profit Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Policy Wording
5 – How to Manage Work Health & Safety Risks


At the base level U3A Brisbane carries Personal Liability cover to $20,000,000.  A claim under this type of insurance may be available to a party who can establish that they suffered personal injury or property damage as a result of negligence on U3A's part.

There are restrictions on this type of cover.  Primarily it applies to events which occur in premises under our control, however there is a list of exceptions spelt out in page 5 of our current Community Underwriting Insurance Schedule, these exceptions are also reinforced by the declarations made in the Business Description which has been accepted by our Underwriters and forms part of Page 1 of the Community Underwriting Insurance Schedule.  Please note this cover does NOT extend to events conducted in a private residence.

When conducting an event at another venue you may be asked to verify our Public Liability cover.  You can do this by providing a copy of the Public Liability Certificate of Currency.

Further details of this cover can be found in the document Community Underwriting Not For Profit General Liability Policy Wording.

Please remember that your action or inaction may give rise to a claim for injury or loss, at all times consider the safety and wellbeing of members attending your courses and ensure that nobody undertakes any activity which might pose a danger to themselves or others.


All our volunteers, committee, office staff and tutors are covered by a Personal Accident Policy, so if you suffer injury from an accident while undertaking your duties, including travelling to and from your principal place of residence; there is a set level of benefits payable depending on the type of injury and your age at the time.  Details are spelt out in the Community Underwriting Not For Profit Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Policy Product Wording.  We do not provide this sort of insurance cover for our non-volunteer members so you need to be assessing risk activities involving members


U3A Brisbane is obliged to operate under The Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (The WHS Act).  To conform with the requirements of the WHS Act U3A Brisbane has adopted How to Manage Work Health & Safety Risks Code of Practice 2011.

The Management Committee considers it timely therefore to ask you to consider your responsibility to all in our organisation in ensuring their personal safety and wellbeing.

Complying with the code of practice requires us to –
– Identify Hazards 
– Assess the Risks
– Control the Risks
– Review Control Mechanisms. 

The WHS Act requires that we consult, co-operate and co-ordinate with you in this process.  The outcome of this will be a risk register resulting in actions to control or eliminate identified risks.

Some of our activities, particularly the outdoor ones have more inherent risk.  Recently a member was injured from a fall on a walking group outing so consideration needs to be given as to whether we continue to undertake such activities, and if we continue, whether a walk should proceed  in adverse weather conditions.  Even in the controlled conditions of the classroom we need to be consider injury risks when undertaking activities such as moving furniture.  Psychosocial behaviour such as bullying is another risk which has emerged at times in our organisation.

We look forward to the cooperation of all our volunteers in achieving optimal health and safety outcomes for ourselves and our members.
Updated:  30-Jun-20