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The Future of Medicine in the Age of Robotics and AI

Professor Ross CrawfordPresenter: Professor Ross Crawford
Date: Friday 7th September 2018, 2:00pm-3:30pm
Venue: Level 5, 232 Adelaide St. room 18
Professor Ross Crawford is an Orthopaedic Surgeon with a special interest in lower limb joint replacement; his principal interests are hip and knee replacement, and knee arthroscopy.

The medical profession has been very slow to adopt robotic technology but we are currently at a tipping point where new technology is going to disrupt medicine. Doctors of the future will need to understand robotic technology as it will both augment and replace many of their skills.

Thinking and recognizing jobs will be disrupted before doing jobs. AI and machine learning will use pattern recognition to read X-rays, to perform histological examinations, to diagnose skin lesions ultimately replacing a number of fields of clinical medicine.

Algorithms will assist in diagnosis. The Internet will allow improved care in the developing world as pattern recognition allows remote diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Robotic assisted surgery is here to stay. Current technologies will look primitive in even a decade. The systems will become more autonomous gradually replacing tasks performed by surgeons.

The technology should be embraced by the profession and not feared. Like many parts of society medicine is on the verge of a transformation and those who do not adapt will rapidly become redundant.

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