University of the Third Age Brisbane

Connecting Seniors to Lifelong Learning

University of the Third Age Brisbane

Connecting Seniors to Lifelong Learning

We re-opened both Creek and Adelaide St from Term 1 2021.  COVID-19 is still with us.  We have a COVID Safe plan and a list of precautions which will be implemented to reduce risk to our members who are in the most vulnerable age group. 

Class fees
Class Fees must be paid in advance.  These should be paid online if possible to avoid congestion and delays at the office. Fees can also be paid at the office but remember to stay 1.5m apart if waiting your turn at the office. If bringing cash, please have the correct amount to facilitate the process. Credit cards are preferred.
Zoom class fees of $25 are voluntary and should be paid online, also before term starts.

Remember: Do not attend if you are unwell.
General Rules for both Creek and Adelaide Street

To avoid Congestion and Keep us all safe :-
  • Class times will be staggered. Check your class time carefully.
  • Class duration may be up to 75 minutes.
  • On arrival, go straight to your classroom. No delays or congregating in foyers etc. There will be no chairs in the Creek St or Adelaide St foyers.
  • You may arrive up to 15mins. early.
  • Remember to stay 1.5m apart at all times.
  • Kitchens will be closed, so bring your own water.
  • We are using our QR Code system to register attendances.  You will find a printed QR Code in your classroom. Please read these instructions for how to use this code, and practise to make sure your phone will read the QR Code. Install a QR Code Scan app if necessary. 
  • If you do not have a phone that you can use, then another class member can enter your number on their phone to register your attendance.  You must know your U3A number.
  • At the end of class please leave the room immediately. Do not stop to chat in the foyer. You can organise coffee with friends outside.
  • No Sharing and no Physical Contact if possible.

Use the supplied Sanitiser frequently, especially if you go to the toilet. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly, but also use the sanitiser as well when you return.  Stay 1.5 m away from other people and, if necessary, wait outside if it is too crowded.

Adelaide St
  • There are a maximum of 6 people permitted in the lift.  There are 2 lifts – One at each end of the corridor.
  • Remember to stay 1.5 m apart while waiting for a lift.  Class times have been staggered so this should help congestion.
  • After class, if you are able you may use the stairs to descend, otherwise maintain the 1.5m distance while you wait for the lift.

City Campus Room Capacities

These are updated limits applying from Term 1 2022.

Creek St
Room 39
Room 420
Computer Lab10
Room 5/624
Adelaide St
Room 1130
Room 129
Room 1316
Room 1416
Room 1516
Room 1636
Room 178
Room 1850